Children from an early age have an interest in fashion while they grow up watching their parents or siblings as influential figures dress up. But parents need to coordinate this process as children need to wear clothes according to their age group and they should follow trends applicable to their group.

For starters, parents and children alike are all about comfortability, durability and sustainability but with the essence of style.

For children's clothing, colours that go well in the summer season is a sunny yellow colour which is perfect yet the addition of shades of light pastel are wonderful for this season with eclectic and fusion patterns. As their colour palettes should stand out some green and earthy tones can do the perfect job, Also adding the concept of the gender-neutral trends that include some blue, pink, souffle, melon and peach.

Retro Styles for Children Clothing

Retro styles for boys and girls is evident, For girls, snow-white petticoats may add an extra volume to clothes, puffy skirts or skirts with lining and lace. As well as the addition of shuttlecocks and frills. Preferably the use of embroidery, rhinestones, bow and fringes are a must and muted shades such as monochrome fabrics meshes well together to add that bit of elegance. Outfits that add class consists of colours of deep dark shades such as dark blue or green, shades of burgundy, purple and plum the severity of these dark hues can be diluted with the help of colours of a peachy or a marshmallow pink.

For boys, a classic shirt which is a combination of two to three shades in one look can do wonders such as the inclusion of a geometric shape, or a mere animal and inscriptions can be added on either a t-shirt, pant or a hat. Traditionally boys are inclined towards shades of black, grey and brown, yet the addition of pastel colours and pure white exudes a refreshing vibe.