Generation Alpha is unique in the sense that it is more fashion-conscious than all its predecessors. Kids today want to choose their clothes themselves. However, parents still need to oversee and help them make the right combination of clothing to look stylish. Parents thus need to stay updated with kids fashion.

The coolest part about summer is summer clothing or well… air conditioners. But that’s not what you’re here to read about. You want to know what clothing will make your kids look their best in the summer heat when they are running around summer camps or playing with their friends all day long. This calls for some breezy summer clothing fashion that is suited for playtime!

T-shirt – Shorts – Sporty shoes/crocs

You can never go wrong with a pair of t-shirt, polo t-shirts and shorts. This outfit is a summer fashion staple for kids. Pair this with crocs to play around the house or with sporty shoes when the kids want to go out to play with their friends. Hope you found this article useful. Remember summer playtime outfits can be made from any summer-friendly fabric in bright and pastel colours. So, feel free to experiment with your kid's wardrobe a bit this summer! for playtime!

Shirt – Shorts – Slip-ons

This outfit is best suited for when you want to take your kids along with you to recreational theme parks, picnics or travelling. It is fairly common to pair chino or cotton pants with classic blue, black and khaki colours in your kid's wardrobe but don’t stop there. By all means, grab those bright and pastel colour shorts.  

These shorts can then be paired with a complementing roll-up shirt. Make sure to colour coordinate the shirts and shorts. As a rule of thumb pair dark shorts with light shirts or alternatively light shorts with dark shirts. To complete the look, throw some durable slip-ons to the mix and you’re all set to go.