Little boys always have their preferences of cool and hip, and when it comes to their wardrobes, they always adore flaunting their favourite superheroes or characters they can relate to for this summer season.


From vivid and bright jungle greens to tropical greens, military green and a subdued khaki, greens are trending super-hot in kid's fashion. Give your boys wardrobe a summer-friendly green makeover with some casual khaki slacks, olive green, and other green staples that will add colour and charm to his outfits. 


Boys clothing brands across the industry are obsessing over this eclectic and delightful new colour, providing little kids with the perfect blend between red and orange. This is a colour that will truly appeal to little guys, who usually pass over all colours for being too "girly". Not this one! Mommies can shop coral outfits to their heart's content.

Elements of Nature

This season the hype is all about floral prints, animal accents, bold pink flamingos, yellow bees, palm trees, tropical flowers and fruits, alongside lilac-hued fabrics, are a great pick for summertime statements, regardless of whether you are planning to go beach bumming or heading over to summer camp. Safari prints and animated characters are also a huge inspiration for boys this season.


Grunge style denim featuring bold scuffs, inscriptions, stickers, raw edges, tassels, fringes and stripes are indeed the hottest trend to add to any boy's wardrobe that will certainly garner anybody's approval on the coolness radar!