Many working mothers have to try hard to maintain a work-life-family balance. We cannot even imagine how much effort goes into doing that, but what we can do is give working mothers a few tips on how to manage their kids’ wardrobe around the working schedule.
  • Ready your working outfit and your kids’ school outfits one night before so you will not have to put in much work in the morning.
  • Spend the weekend dividing all of the kids’ clothes into different categories. Like one for casual wear, one for outings, one for school, one for formal wear etc. This way, whenever you need to change their clothes, you won’t need to search for all clothing items.
  • Keep your kids’ clothing simple like tees and shorts, tights and jeans. The kind of clothing your kids feel comfortable wearing. Because if they feel uncomfortable, they will make you uncomfortable as well. Especially avoid rough material clothing in summers or too thick clothes in winter.
  • Buy some accessories for kids like caps, sunglasses, watches, hair bands. By adding accessories, you can add a formal touch even to daily wear and simple outfits. It can also help develop an interest in the children, and they will quickly dress up.
  • While dressing your kids, ask them and train them to participate in it by doing little things. You can ask them to put on the sleeves by themselves or wear pants themselves. You can use this time to finish other chores for your kids.
  • Buy daily wear clothes separate from the formal ones. Because daily wear clothes must be made out of comfortable material so that your child can spend the whole day without getting uncomfortable.
  • If you are dressing a toddler, put something in front of them or in their hands to play. That makes dressing them easier.
  • Keep an extra pair of clothes for the person taking care of the kids when you are away, so the kids do not carry dirt everywhere.
Following the above tips and tricks will make the life of working mothers easier.