Parenting is hard, and everybody knows it. Whenever a child gets birthed, the parents are rebirthed. Simultaneously, kids learn from parents and parents learn from kids. That is because no one remembers how they were with their parents at that age. Raising kids is a new experience for new parents, and just like all other experiences, you learn from this one as well.

We cannot teach you how to parent your kids, but we can make it easier by helping you teach your kids to dress themselves. Let’s get started with the following tips:

  • Start with trouser pants that do not have buttons or belts because kids will take more time to learn complex things. So start with just teaching your kids to dress in simple trousers and t-shirts.
  • Children love to copy others, a fact. So showing them wearing a t-shirt or pants will also help.
  • Dress them in front of a mirror, so they can see the process.
  • Ask them to stretch their arms and legs when wearing clothes to teach them postures.
  • There is no need for special practice. Just ask them to wear the sleeves or pants when changing their outfit.
  • To teach kids to balance while changing clothes, make them stand up or sit straight when changing their clothes.
  • Let the kids make mistakes while they are dressing, then ask them to correct themselves. Because kids only learn after making a mistake.
  • Set their clothes yourself, because kids do not have a fashion sense at all. Eventually, they will learn to pair the right shirts and pants.
  • Tell them differences between front and back of the top, right and left shoe etc. And if they make a mistake, ask them to correct it by telling them it's wrong.
  • Show your kids that dirty clothes go in the laundry, and washed clothes are arranged neatly in the cupboard. It will teach them discipline.

The most important tip for the parents in this whole process is patience